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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well, my Odyssey has come to an end; I'm typing this not in a Nicaraguan internet cafe or a New Zealand hostel but on my home PC in Putney. The trip home was made enjoyable by spending a couple of nights in Singapore. Caught up with exiled Thames runner Guy Heathers, immersing myself in the local culture by watching an English football match with him in an Irish bar. Also visited the rather excellent Bird Park, though one of the trip's more depressing sights was seeing an Andean Condor hunched in a cage when it should be soaring over the Peruvian moutains.

I started to look forward to returning home towards the end of the trip, I'm not cut out for a life forever on the road. However it's strangely disorientating to be home.

OK, time to put the blog to bed. Hope you enjoyed reading it, I certainly enjoyed living it.

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